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Wednesday, June 28, 2006



FINALLY! Someone else who understands the need for distance and objectivity when assessing their own work! Was starting to feel like I was alone on this.

Francesca Gray

Its not easy, is it? I found that I was actually too hard on myself, never allowing any feeling of success to last or to acknowledge what I had done well. Its as detrimental to ones creativity to be constantly negatively judgemental as it is to be blindly convinced of ones own genius, lol. Thanks for commenting Cat, its good to know we are not alone!

Daphne Wayne-Bough

Interesting, we have many things in common ... half Irish too (on both sides - work that one out), refusal to grow old gracefully (perhaps that goes with being half Irish), and the brush with the black dog from early days (definitely Irish). I've resolved all my issues by blaming it all on being half Irish, now I can accept it all no problem.

I don't paint, but I never throw any bits of writing away, they might be rubbish but I often fish them out months later and use them in a new piece. Perhaps perfectionism is an Irish trait too?

Francesca Gray

Daphne - I'm guessing that a 1/4 inherited from each parent makes up the half? The thing about Irish blood is its persistance! My Grandmother used to blame all my faults on a Celtic legacy.

I wish that I had learned the 'don't throw it away' rule earlier. Journals, short stories, poems and even a couple of almost novels have been banished over the years.

Red Queen

I enjoyed this and it is so true. I am a quilter and when I am up close to my work I see all the flaws but if I pin it to my design wall and take 6 steps back even I can't see many of the mistakes. We have a saying about a man on a horse riding by wouldn't see it so it can't be wrong.

Francesca Gray

LOL! Red Queen! I like that saying, one to remember.

Francesca Gray

LOL! Red Queen! I like that saying, one to remember.

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